How to Win More RFPs!

Mark Shriner, CEO of memoQ RFP and host of the Grow Fast Podcast recently interviewed Victor Alonso Lion, PMP on the topic of how to win more RFPs. A sample of the discussion can be found below, followed by links to the complete audio and video recordings.

Mark Shriner

"I'm genuinely curious because we've discussed your processes for coaching organizations to optimize their operations in advance. Let's delve into it. Before we get into the specifics, what, in your view, are the significant challenges that small to medium-sized companies face when dealing with an RFP?"

Victor Alonso Lion, PMP

"The primary challenge is determining who will handle this task. This is where my expertise comes into play. In smaller companies, it's often the CEOs who step in, while in larger ones, it's the salespeople grappling with managing the RFP process. This initial challenge is something that can be addressed and improved upon. There are professionals who specialize in managing this process, and that's a crucial aspect.

Now, moving on to the data aspect—there's an abundance of information within companies. It includes data from previous RFPs, various departments, different countries, and sometimes even different languages. This information needs to be meticulously integrated, analyzed, and, at times, processed and prepared to effectively respond to those RFPs. This, I believe, constitutes one of the major challenges in the proposed RFP process."

Mark Shriner

"You've highlighted several challenges, and let's break them down. The first question is, who will respond? Who takes responsibility for this? It's essential for companies to decide this well in advance. Waiting for the RFP to arrive and then figuring out the logistics is nearly too late. It adds unnecessary stress to regular operations.

In my experience consulting in the cybersecurity space, having a well-defined playbook is crucial. By the time you face a security breach, if you don't have a pre-established plan, it's too late. Similarly, with RFPs, having a defined process is key. That's what I gather from our conversation.

Now, regarding who should manage this process, while companies could outsource it to someone like yourself, when coaching them, what's your perspective on who should actually take the reins? Should it be the salesperson, someone from operations, or a dedicated project manager?"

Victor Alonso Lion, PMP

"Personally, my passion lies in project management, and I consider it a key element. Defining the roles in the process—identifying sponsors and stakeholders—is crucial. While salespeople are often involved, they should play the role of sponsors and stakeholders, not necessarily the ones pushing the project forward. The answer varies based on the company—there's no one-size-fits-all solution. It depends on the company's size, its departments, the type of RFP they're handling. The complexity arises, especially in larger companies with diverse departments like IT, operations, finance, and HR, all needing coordination. This is why the RFP process can be challenging for many companies, and the sales team, unfortunately, is often left shouldering the burden of getting everyone on board to kickstart the operation."

The complete recording of this conversation can be found here:

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